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Shine On was the first project organized by the Hastings Family YMCA Togetherhood Committee. This committee is a group of Y members that seek out social needs and plan projects to help the community. In December of 2016, Alex K, project leader for Shine On, shared with the group that there were youth in the community skipping school because they did not have the ability to wash clothes or shower in their home. Moving quickly, the committee decided to organize Shine On (a hygeine drive) and partnered with The Zone and Russ's Market. For over a month the committee gathered different hygeine items from members and people from all over the community. Then, on Sunday, March 19th the YMCA and YWCA opened The Zone and distrubted items to over 80 families. Left over items from the collection drive were donated to various non-profits in the community. The Togetherhood would like to thank everyone who contributed to this events success.